GSM Towers

In the last decade MOSECO Group has deployed a number of cellular sites; both Greenfield and Rooftop, enabling their professional telecom teams to gain the experience needed in order to successfully implement every stage of a client dedicated project.

MOSECO is characterized by convoying the professional and latest engineering analysis and designs according to the international codes/standards. accordingly MOSECO is providing the best products which has designed after passing through a high experienced and full qualified engineering staff.

MOSECO Group is specializing in Greenfield and Rooftop sites, we offer a full line of construction services including:

  • Foundations
  • Grounding
  • Tower erections
  • Electrical and Grounding
  • Performance testing
  • Removals
  • Customized fabrication
  • Antenna mount installation
  • Lightening protection system
  • Cable tray and coax support
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance


At MOSECO Group, we are proud to work with leading global vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, ZTE, and major operators such as STC, Mobily, Etisalat, Orange, Zain, JAWWAL and others. Our impressive record of providing custom designed, turnkey solutions for challenges of any size, coupled with wide-ranging resources of global expertise and local associates, makes us the perfect partner for any wireless network infrastructure needs.



Founded 35 Years ago in 1979 by Mr. John Haputantri, a marine engineer by profession. Untill 1982 Tantri was mainly involved in marine engineering. 
Tantri manufactured the first trailer in 1982. As demand for trailers increased, Tantri opened Tantri Trailers (Pvt) Ltd as a trailer manufacturing and steel fabricating arm of the group in 1991.
Since then Tantri have designed, manufactured and exported to many types of trailers and involved in many heavy steel and metal fabricating projects in Sri Lanka and many countries in the world. Today Tantri Trailers have expanded their product range to Trailers, Tankers, Construction plant & equipment, Storage tanks, Silos, Structures, Overhead & Gantry Cranes etc....
Tantri is certified to Design, manufacture, sales, marketing and after sales service of trailers, semi trailers, metal structures and tanks by SGS ISO 9001-2008.
Continuous updating of Technology, latest manufacturing plants & equipment along with continuous upgrading of designs, has made Tantri the best choice for trailers and engineering construction to international standards.

Cell On Wheels- On Heavy Trailer 



1. Its own power supply –generator
2. Extra fuel tank as additional fuel supply
3. Shelter or a BTS frame in the case of outdoor units
4. Large deck space for extra equipment, sales promotional booths etc..


1.No concrete or foundation required.
2. Excellent mobility.
3. Fast Deployment – 1hr.
4. Could travel at 120 Km/Hr.
5. Ability to reach destination quickly
6. Could lock at multiple heights.
7. Advertising space on shelter sides.
8. Could be used as disaster recovery unit.
9. Capable of carrying heavy load.
10. Large space for shelter generator and buffer fuel tank etc.